martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

Wicca! Love & Soul! Available Now In Amazon and Createspace

It is a pleasure for me to inform you that as of this day, you can buy through the links siguientees, the official English version of my book "Wicca! Love & Soul".

My first book "Wicca! Love & Soul" has had an impact quite warm and it makes me feel good, despite not being an author supported by a publisher I worked hard on it and gave me some fruit effort, my book in spanish I reach the first place of sales in Amazon in Mexico, Spain, USA and Germany in the lisytas of religion, wicca, new age and land-based religions, and even entered the top ranks of sales in Brazil and India .

Now after several months of work I give the official version of my book translated, adapted and corrected English trying to reach more hearts.

Wicca! Love & Soul is a very complete and very educational guide that walks the Teachings of traditional witchcraft, white magic, Wicca and various forms of witchcraft that have been implemented for several years.

I hope to be to your liking and I invite you to purchase it at the following links:

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